Why use Guided Games when you have Destiny 2 Pros?

  • Our Goal at Destiny 2 Pros

    We strive to bring the Ultimate Destiny 2 Service for every Guardian, and that means you! Tired of wasting your time attempting difficult tasks with people who say they know what they are doing, but really have no clue? You’ve come to the right place! Destiny 2 Pros provides a service for players to Become Legend in an instant. Our team is quick to reply to emails and complete your desired tasks! It’s time to start saving yourself time and to Become Legend Now in Destiny 2!

  • Our Players

    We are the Top Trials Players in Destiny 2 – 2.5 Kill Death Ratio Average and 97% Win Loss Ratio. Our Raid Team is Elite as well! Speed run records all the time, and our players are some of the first to complete raids when they are released! All of us are the in the top clans in Destiny 2, which only makes us better. You will be treated you as you deserve with kindness and respect!

  • PayPal Verified      

    We are verified on PayPal as a business. This ensures safety for both you and us! We ask that once you complete your order, that you please send us your PayPal receipt screenshot via email to destiny2pros@gmail.com – This helps us mark down your order even quicker!

  • Thank you, Guardian!